Discussion Questions
God’s Miraculous Plan
I Surrender All?
Romans 12:1-3

One of the greatest challenges for us as followers of Jesus is to surrender everything to Him. We are quick to desire his mercy and forgiveness as our Savior, but we struggle with making Him our Lord. Paul encourages the Romans to see themselves as “living sacrifices”. We live to serve and please Him.

Paul says that it is reasonable to give our bodies to God because of all he has done for us.
What has He done for us?
Give thanks right now for all that He has done for you.

What is the difference between a “living sacrifice” and the sacrifices they had offered in Jewish and Pagan worship?
What does the word “holy” mean to you? How has this term been misused in religion before?

He says “let God transform you into a new person”, how does this work?
How do we change the way we think?

The word sanctification means to be set apart and it is a two fold word:
• Set apart from the world as unique.
• Set apart to God.
How do you see this as God’s will for your life? How does it affect what you do or don’t do?

Humility is so important to this concept of surrender. The NLT says: “be honest in your evaluation of yourselves”. What kind of work does God need to do in your life today? How can he further set you a part from the world.

God’s Miraculous Plan
Discussion Questions
Four Ds

2 Kings 4:1-7

The creditor had every legal right to demand the widows payment…sometimes we need to face some things we can’t fix ourselves to learn to depend on God.

What response do seasons of desperation often cause? Negative? Positive?
Why did the widow come to Elisha?

How does being driven by our wants vs. our needs get us in trouble?
Elisha could have paid off her debt with the Lord’s help, why didn’t he?

What did the widow contribute to the deliverance?
She also needed her neighbors help…why do resist asking for help?

What lesson does the flow of oil teach us about stewardship?
She paid what she owed and lived on the rest.. how do we sometimes get this backwards?

We will ultimately have to depend on God how can we begin doing so now?