Good News!

A Calling (bind up, proclaim liberty, release)


When have you felt a “calling?” (Maybe a job, hobby or location)

Why were you called?


Read Luke 4:16-19, John 3:16-17 ESV, John 13:35 ESV, 1 John 4:7 ESV

We are fascinated by royalty. Maybe it is because as Americans we don’t have royalty, as such. We certainly have families in which certain traits or talents seem to be dominate. In politics, the Kennedy or Bush families come to mind. In business, the Vanderbilts or Waltons. In sports, the Earnhardts or Mannings. Do members of those families consider it a calling to follow the family business or do they feel it is a curse? What if your last name is Manning and you can’t throw a football? Perhaps your family has a similar heritage. Maybe there is a particular school you are to attend or subject you are supposed to study. Maybe it is a career you are expected to follow.

Your Father does expect certain things of you. Your Heavenly Father has placed a calling on you. He is expecting you to join the “family of God” business. He has given you His special favor. He has challenged you to share what God has done for you with others. This week God is calling you to join Him in the family business.


What did anointing signify in Jesus’ time?

Why was Jesus anointed?

How are persons anointed today?

How did Jesus fulfill His calling?

What are we all called to do? (Read scriptures from John and 1 John)

Where do we share His love?

How do we share that love? (Brainstorm specific ideas for your group to do together and schedule a time to implement at least one of them.)


As a group, pray for a calling on all your lives to share the Good News to others.

LEADER: Please encourage your group to participate in the daily Bible study available in print and on the church’s Facebook page. Make an effort to grow your group by inviting someone new to join you every week. Don’t keep your group a secret! Share the good news with others!

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