“I Believe” – Lessons from John

“What I Have Written”


What was your favorite part of Easter weekend?


I will admit it: I have never seen “The Passion of the Christ” movie. It disturbs me to see violent scenes in movies or TV. My granddaughter still mocks me because I hid my eyes when the dinosaurs went on a rampage in the last Jurassic movie. I KNEW the dinosaurs were not real, but I still hid my eyes. I have read in scripture about the real torture that our Lord suffered prior to and during His sacrifice on the cross. What He suffered for me is unimaginable, yet I believe His death on the cross gave me eternal life!

NOTE: For a PG version of the crucifixion of Christ, check out the TV series, “JESUS: His Life,” on the History Channel. Rev. Kimberly Majeski from Anderson University is a featured Biblical expert on several episodes. Kim grew up attending the Grace Place and is the niece of Nancy Ricketts and Sharon Odum.


Read John 19:1-22 and Philippians 2:8-11.

Why were there so many different opinions of who Jesus was?

How do those opinions persist today?

Why does it matter who we believe Jesus is?

How did Pilate’s pride lead to his unbelief and Jesus’ death?

Who is guilty of sending Jesus to the cross?

How can we help people to believe that Jesus is the Son of God?


Pray for unbelievers or lazy Christians who attended church on Easter but don’t plan to be back until Christmas. Pray that God will speak into their hearts.


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