Make Disciples Matthew 28:19
What is a Disciple?
John 1:35-51

Often our churches are filled with people who may or may not be disciples. At times we have gotten more driven to make church “attenders” or “members” than we are to make disciples.

Jesus turns to ask the former disciples of John, “what are you seeking?”
This is legitimate question to ask anyone who has decided to come to Jesus as one of His followers. What are some reasons people might come to church, join a church, or affiliate with a local church?

Jesus then says to them, “come and you will see”? How is it often difficult for us to see who Jesus really is and what Jesus teaches?

Observing the Life of Jesus is made possible through His Word. The Gospel writers have given us a broad and enlightening look at who Jesus is, and what Jesus taught. How do we learn to truly see who Jesus is and what He teaches?

How will our life be different if we really have found Jesus?
He knows us and calls us individually to follow Him, how does this affect my personal life? Can being a “member” of a church alone, make us a disciple?