Discussion Questions: May 2, 2021

A Holy Conversation

Acts 4: 23-31

Why do you think that before the Day of Pentecost the disciples only agenda was prayer? Acts 1:14

What do you think was on their prayer list?

Why is prayer often our last resort instead of our first response?

What happens when we get this out of order?

Peter was a reactionary guy, we know this by him pulling the sword at Jesus arrest. Instead of praying for boldness he probably wanted to pray for retaliation for those who arrested him. How does the Enemy often discourage us through the attacks of others? How did Jesus teach us to respond to our “enemies”? How can this response be our greatest sermon?

How has our current culture tried to silence our preaching the Gospel? Do we pray for boldness still today?

Do you see any symbolism in the shaking of the building where they were praying? What needs to be shaken today to return us to our passion for the Gospel that makes us bold?