The Fear Factor


Fear of Commitment

Luke 9:57-62, 22:31-34, John 21:15-22

A lack of commitment affects so much of our lives today. The divorce rate has for years been at almost 50% for our country. Christians and other religious people tend to do better but not a lot.

The First of the Ten Commandments forbids us from putting any gods before the one true God. How can other things challenge God from receiving our full commitment. What are the most common gods that we often put first?

Jesus called for disciples to be totally committed.

How did he respond a couple of potential followers said : “Lord first…”

How are those responses contradictory? Can he be Lord and not be first?

Peter is a great story in making a public commitment and then failing to keep it.

He said “I will follow you to prison and even to death.”, what events caused him to fail in his commitment? What did he fear if he acknowledged he was a follower of Jesus? Did Peter mean it when he said he would follow Jesus fully?

Do we mean it when we make public commitments? What causes us to fail?

Does Peter seem uncomfortable when Jesus questions him on the beach? How can you tell?

How does Jesus confront us today about our lack of commitment?

What does history teach us about Peter when he was fully committed. What will our legacy be? Living by fear or by faith?